Original Slinky  Walking Spring Toy
Original Slinky  Walking Spring Toy

Original Slinky Walking Spring Toy

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To Walk Slinky Down Stairs: Place Original Slinky on top stair. Grip coil at top and flip it over toward middle of next lower step, releasing hold on Slinky. Now Original Slinky takes over and walks down stairs all by itself. To Play with Slinky in Hands: Hold end coils of Original Slinky with both hands. Now raise and lower each hand in a rhythmic motion. To Walk Down Incline or Slope: Any board or table top with a non-slip surface will do. Slope surface so rise equals about 1 foot for every 4 foot length. Place Original Slinky at top, flip and watch Original Slinky start down, end over end.

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