Alphabet Sound Puzzle
Alphabet Sound Puzzle
Melissa & Doug

Alphabet Sound Puzzle

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Melissa & Doug Alphabet Sound Puzzle

The Sounds of Learning

Make learning fun, and kids will be motivated to learn! With colorful illustrations to identify in each well, the wooden puzzle board of this ABC Sound Puzzle offers a visual cue to each letter sound by posing the question: Which letter does this word begin with? Placing the correct letter on top rewards a correct answer with a clear recording of the letter name and sound (AAA batteries not included), letting children three and up know with certainty when they’ve got it right and allowing them to self-correct when they need to try again.

Children can recite the alphabet along with the puzzle as they place each piece in order or try saying the letters independently and use the puzzle pieces to offer a helpful cue for any they might forget. However they choose to play, this interactive sound puzzle is a great way to offer independent learning with the simplicity and wholesome fun of a beautifully made wooden puzzle. It also helps build letter recognition and pre-reading skills at multiple skill levels. For children just beginning to learn their ABCs, playing with this alphabet sound puzzle offers a colorful introduction to the alphabet. For children who have already mastered saying or singing the alphabet, it’s a useful way to develop mastery by isolating specific letter sounds and tying them to the words they begin. For more advanced pre-readers and emerging readers, being able to hold and manipulate the various letters lets children and caregivers put together simple letter blends to experiment with the building blocks of writing outside of the puzzle too. And children of any skill level enjoy identifying the colorful illustrations and repeating the letter sounds and object names as they play. The letters are slightly raised above the puzzle board for easy grasping, and the colorful pictures underneath each piece help reinforce the relationship between letters and their sounds.


  • Contains small parts; AAA batteries not included
  • 3 years and up years