Crayola Brush Set 5 Count
Crayola Brush Set 5 Count

Crayola Brush Set 5 Count

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Try this! Flat Brush: Make broad strokes or square marks with the flat end or lead with the narrow edge for thinner, precise lines of color. Angle Brush: For greater control on straight lines or edging. Round Brush: Choose the large size for washes and broad strokes, or the smaller sizes for fine lines and detail. Washing & Care Information: For Best Results: Wet brush before using. Rinse brushes between colors and when finished painting. Dry and store with heads up. Do not leave brushes standing on heads or immersed in water for long periods of time. Please retain package for future reference.


  • Paint a variety of strokes with this Crayola brush set
  • Quality soft-tip bristles clean easily and last a long time
  • Ideal for your child's art kit

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