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3pk Freezy Riders

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The Cutie Cars 3-Pack has 3 times the cuteness! Check out the Freezy Riders. Three cool little cuties who love to chill out with each other!

Soft Swerve - It is always whipping around the streets serving up her treats! She thumps out tunes though her windows to attract customers. She likes to leave a trail of sprinkles wherever she goes so she can find her way home!

Strawberry Scoupe - With creamy dreamy handling, she's a polite and proper little car who gives way to everyone else. Trips in this Cutie Car can take a all day long because she only goes when it's safe. But who would complain when the ride is so sweet?

Zippy Popsicle - Exclusive Cutie Car - One of the coolest movers around! Zippy always takes the coolest route and stays on the shady side of the street! Sometimes he leaves little puddles on the road while he's waiting for the lights to change awkwardly!!