3 pk Candy Combo
3 pk Candy Combo

3 pk Candy Combo

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The Cutie Cars 3 Pack has 3 times the cuteness! Check out the Candy Comb Collection! Three little sweeties who are candi coated cuties! Candi Combi is a happy-go-lucky Car who is full of beans and always has a sugar buzz! Likes to come up with wacky ideas to spend the day. If you are feeling silly, 

Candi Combi - The Car to hang around with!
    • Model: Fast food van

    • Features: A sweet paint job that jumps!

    • Likes/Dislikes: Likes to spread her sweetness

  • She's a sugar-shack on wheels!

Mint Sprinter - A cool little car with sharp moves. Can get in and out of tight spaces with her nimble wheels and crisp turns. She's a breath of fresh air to be with.
    • Model: Buddy Buggy

    • Features: A fresh face and cool panels!

    • Likes/Dislikes: Dislikes scratches and dents

  • Likes to stay in mint condition!

Candy Heart Car - Exclusive Cutie Car. A total romantic who will drive a long way for true love! This Cutie car has a big heart under her hood and wants to share it along the freeway of love!
    • Model: Buddy Buggy

    • Features: Plenty of room to share with the one you love!

  • Likes/Dislikes: Loves sending messages of love around town