Globber’s kids’ scooters come in a range of styles and colours to easily find a perfect match for your child. 
Our 3-wheel scooters for kids are all height adjustable scooters with either 3 or 4 positions available to ensure maximum product usability as your little one grows.   
Our range of award-winning scooters with seat is the perfect toddler scooter for your 15m+ child to transition from ride-on, walking bike and scooter all-in-one! It’s your new favourite stroller!  
ELITE scooters for kids are our folding scooter range to conveniently fold up the scooter after playtime. ELITE folding scooters also offer exclusive light-up scooter options for more fun times!
Fear not, light-up scooter wheels which flash in red, green and blue are available on all our 3-wheel scooters for kids, and they can be purchased as standalone spare parts too!